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Best Instagram Spots in Philadelphia

I’ve been photographing Philadelphia for well over 5 years. I shoot with a Nikon D800, Tamron lenses and like most of you, I post to Instagram. If you’re traveling to Philly or lived here all your life, these are the 7 spots that you MUST take a photo from!

1. Camden Waterfront - Ironically, spot number 1 isn’t Philadelphia at all but it’s our neighbor across the river, Camden. The skyline from this vantage point is remarkable when you’re able to use a telephoto lens. If you just have an iPhone, no problem. The views from here are spectacular, especially during sunrise or sunset.

Camden Waterfront Camden, NJ 08103

2. Race St. Pier - Just opposite of site #1 is Race St. Pier. Race St Pier allows you to get a view of the Ben Franklin Bridge that is breathtaking, pictures sometimes doesn’t do it justice. If you arrive here and it’s a foggy morning, consider yourself lucky. Foggy mornings on Race St. Pier are what dreams are made of.

Race St & N. Christopher Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19106

3. Boathouse Row - So far we’ve covered both sides of Ben Franklin Bridge, let’s move west a little bit to the other river of Philly, the Schuylkill. Boathouse Row is possibly the most photogenic landmark in the country. I think it’s impossible to get a bad image here. Whether the crew teams are racing down the river or it’s a peaceful sunset, you’re guaranteed a 100+ likes with an image from Boathouse Row.

1 Boathouse Row Philadelphia, PA 19130

4. City Hall - Specifically about 3-4 blocks North on Broad St, called The Avenue of the Arts. A spot I’m sure you’ve seen 1000 times but every time it looks just a little bit different. From here, Billy Penn looks magnificent. Surrounded by the uplighting of the buildings and light trails from the traffic, you’re bound to get a great image here.

5. Benjamin Franklin Parkway - Lovingly refereed to as “The Parkway”, you’ve seen it in magazines and movies, the infamous road leading from the Art Museum to City Hall. Whether you stand on the “Rocky Steps” of the Art Musuem or walk down near the wonderful statues, there isn’t a bad place to take a photo here.

6. Love Park - No list of Philly is complete without mention Love Park, after all we ARE the City of Brotherly Love! Whether you take a photo with your loved one underneath it or find a unique angle that no one else has found, Love Park has to be on your list to ‘gram.

7. Ben Franklin Bridge - I know I’ve already mentioned the bridge twice so far, but this is a unique view of the city. From here, you can capture so many creative angles it’s insane. Maybe the bridge is your focal point with the city in the background? Maybe the bridge is the whole shot? Limitless possibilities.

This is in no way a comprehensive list, I could go on for days! To see all the good spots, make sure to follow me on Instagram @cgregory422 and happy shooting!

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